Additional precautionary measure has been taken to prevent further importation and spread of Corona virus.


1. Temporarily suspend visa issuance within 30 days, from 00:00 18 March 2020.

2. From 18/3/2020, people who were issued visa exemption or valuable visas for experts, entrepreneurs or high-skill workers shall be accompanied by Covid-19 negative certification issued by their national authorities and recognized by Viet Nam.

The aforementioned measures are not applied to people holding diplomatic and official passports. 

3. Upon arrival to Vietnam, travelers shall exercise health check and they shall comply with the Vietnamese regulations on Covid-19 prevention as well as duly quarantine procedures. 

4. Travelers immigrating Viet Nam from the EU, the US and ASEAN states are subjected to quarantine at our designated centralized facilities. Additionally, Viet Nam strictly requires people beyond the above-mentioned groups to be quarantined and under health control at home, working places and residential addresses.

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