Announcement from 21/3


March 21 Announcement on measures to control and halt the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold in a complex manner. The Government of Viet Nam has been excercising all necessary measures in order to curb the outbreak and widespread of the pandemic. In this regards, Viet Nam decides as follows:

1. Temporarilly suspend the entry of foreigners to Viet Nam except for those entering Viet Nam for diplomatic and official purposes, or other such extraordinary purposes (including foreign guests attending or otherwise in service of important foreign affairs events, experts, business managers, and high-tech workers)

2. Temporarily suspended the validity of the Visa Exemption Certificates for persons of Vietnamese origin and their families.

3. The aforementioned measures shall come into effect from 0.00, 22 March 2020.

4. Travellers entering Viet Nam shall be subjected to mandatory quarantine at designated facilities. Foreign travelers on diplomatic and official purposes, Vietnamese nationals holding diplomatic and official passports, and particular cases as specified in Item 1, shall exercise proper forms of quarantine at their place of residence in accordance with the Vietnamese regulations.

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