1. Based on the situation that the Covid-19 pandemic is significantly under control in some countries/territories and Viet Nam, the Government of Viet Nam has approved the Plan to resume commercial flights from Viet Nam to several destinations in Asia. Accordingly, from the middle of July 2020, Viet Nam will resume a number of flights to Guangzhou (China), Taiwan (China), Seoul (South Korea), and Tokyo (Japan) with a frequency of 1 to 2 flights per week. Airports for departure and arrival in Viet Nam include Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang International Airport.

2. Based on the situation of re-opening the above-mentioned flight routes, the Government will regularly evaluate the Initial Plan and implement further modifications to flight frequency, as well as propose additional destinations in Asia, when necessary, in keeping with the context of Covid-19 and bilateral agreements with other countries.

3. At present, priorities to board the above-mentioned flights are given to the following travelers: (1) Vietnamese citizens; (2) Foreign nationals traveling to Viet Nam as specialists, investors, business managers, skilled workers; (3) Travelers to Viet Nam on diplomatic or official duties and their dependents; and (4) Other exceptions. International travelers may take commercial flights to the 04 listed destinations, and board separate connecting flight onward to Viet Nam upon completion of necessary transit visa requirements, if any.

4. All passengers entering Viet Nam are required to comply with medical precaution and quarantine measures in accordance with the current regulations as stipulated by the Ministry of Health of Viet Nam.

5. To get entry into Viet Nam on flights specified in Section 1, to prior to booking their tickets on commercial flights, foreign citizens are recommended that international travelers contact their sponsor in Viet Nam, in order to apply for an entry permit at Viet Nam Immigration Department, and  comply with quarantine arrangements under current regulations. Upon obtaining an entry permit issued by the Ministry of Public Security (Immigration Department), international travelers may contact the respective Vietnamese diplomatic and consular missions to complete their visa arrangements./.

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